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Research report
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전문병원진료권자원배분specialty hospitaldemand for healthcarerelevance index
Background : In order to provide hospitals with high quality medical services and establish a healthcare delivery system through strengthening expertise, the S. Korean government has been implementing specialty hospital policy. The purpose of this study is to provide evidence for the implementation of policies to reduce medical disparities between regions through equal distribution of specialty hospitals.
Method : This study analyzed health insurance claim data to calculate appropriate demand for specialty hospitals. The demand for specialty hospitals in each region was assumed to be the level of demand for the number of specialty hospital beds by using the hospitalization episodes and relevance index and the proportion of regional specialty hospital treatment volume.
Result & Conclusion : In the case of joint hospitals, parts of Busan and the Cheongju area exceeded Lv.7(max) demand. In spine specialty hospitals, the southeastern region of Seoul and some areas of Gyeonggi-do exceeded Lv.7 demand. In the case of ophthalmology, the southwestern region of Seoul, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, and the northeastern region of Incheon were found to exceed Lv.7 demand.
The results of this analysis need to be applied with consideration of the current medical issue and situation in S. Korea.
Alternative Title
A Study on the appropriate demand of specialty hospitals by region and medical subjects in S. Korea
Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 ············································································· 1
1. 연구배경 ······························································································· 3
2. 연구목적 ······························································································· 8
3. 연구내용 및 방법 ··················································································· 8

제2장 문헌고찰 ············································································· 13
1. 전문병원 제도개선 관련 연구 ································································ 13
2. 전문병원 적정규모 선정 관련 연구 ························································ 18

제3장 전문병원 현황분석 ············································································· 25
1. 전문병원 진료량 분석 ··········································································· 25
2. 환자 구성비율 ······················································································ 47

제4장 전문병원 적정수요 분석 ············································································· 68
1. 분석설계 ····························································································· 68
2. 분석결과(16개 분야별) ·········································································· 93
3. 소결 ·································································································· 157

제5장 결론 및 제언 ············································································· 160

◾ 참고 문헌 ······················································································ 161
◾ ABSTRACT ·················································································· 162
조민호. (2023-12). 지역별·분야별 전문병원 적정규모 산출방안 연구.
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