어린이 재활의료기관 지정운영 시범사업 성과평가 및 지정규모 확충 방안 연구

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어린이 재활의료어린이 재활의료기관 시범사업의료이용 추계성향매칭이중차이분석pediatric rehabilitationpediatric rehabilitation medical institution pilot prejectpropensity score matchingdifference in differenceestimation of number of medical institutions needed
This study estimates the number of institutions needed to create a community -centered medical use environment for children's rehabilitation patients, and establishes performance evaluation and development plans for pilot projects introduced to expand children's rehabilitation medical care
Estimating the number of institutions needed in 2023 by measuring the number of unmet hospital beds and the number of outpatients in consideration of demand and supply by region. As a result, as of now, there are a total of 11 areas requiring designation, a total of 12 hospitals and 4 clinics in the metropolitan area, 18 hospitals and 1 clinic outside the metropolitan area
The performance evaluation of the children's rehabilitation medical institution pilot project was compared and analyzed by matching the participating and non-participating groups, focusing on the improvement of patients' medical use and function, and the institution's medical staff and treatment activities. In the case of children's rehabilitation medical use behavior, the number of visits to the hospital, the number of days of medical use, and the concentration of medical institutions improved, and among them, the improvement effect of new users was found to be high. In the case of cost accessibility, about 1 million won per person for speech therapy, manual therapy, and cognitive therapy can be saved through the application of existing non-insured health insurance.
In the case of functional improvement, as a result of examining the clinical effect with a group of specialists along with before-and-after evaluation for patients who have undergone two or more evaluations, the improvement effect on the results of GMFM-66, pediatric balance scale, SELSI, and PRES is appeared to be high
Through these achievements, it is expected that this pilot project will play a pivotal role in the children's rehabilitation medical network if the capacity improvement of the institution through the expansion of the pilot project institution and conversion to the main project and the improvement of patients' medical use and function are expanded in the future.
Alternative Title
A study on evaluation of the performance of the pilot project for designated operation of children's rehabilitation medical institutions and estimate to expand the designated size
Table Of Contents
제1장 서론 ······························································································ 3
1. 연구 배경 ······························································································ 3
2. 연구 목적 ······························································································ 6
2. 연구 내용과 방법 ··················································································· 7

제2장 어린이 재활의료제도 수립 ······························································································ 11
1. 어린이 재활의 개념과 중요성 ································································· 11
2. 어린이 재활의료제도 수립 과정 ······························································ 13
3. 공공 어린이 재활의료기관 운영 ······························································ 26

제3장 어린이 재활의료 수요와 공급 현황 ······························································································ 30
1. 분석 개요와 산출 원리 ·········································································· 30
2. 어린이 재활의료 수요 현황 ···································································· 33
3. 어린이 재활의료 공급 현황 ···································································· 51

제4장 어린이 재활 필요기관 규모 추계 ······························································································ 60
1. 어린이 재활의료 수요 추계 방법 ···························································· 60
2. 지역별 미충족 수요량 산출 ···································································· 68
3. 지역별 필요기관 규모 추계 결과 ···························································· 79

제5장 시범사업 운영 현황과 성과평가 ······························································································ 96
1. 시범사업 운영 현황 ·············································································· 96
2. 어린이 재활 의료이용 개선 ·································································· 108
3. 어린이 재활 환자 기능 개선 ································································ 132
4. 어린이 재활의료기관 활동 개선 ···························································· 152

제6장 시범사업 발전방안 수립 ······························································································ 174
1. 개요 및 목적 ····················································································· 174
2. 어린이 재활의료 수요 확충 ·································································· 176
3. 시범사업 운영 개선 ············································································ 189
4. 어린이 재활의료 네트워크 구축 방안 ···················································· 195

제7장 결론 및 제언 ······························································································ 199

◾ 참고 문헌 ····················································································· 201
◾ ABSTRACT ················································································· 203
박진관. (2023-01). 어린이 재활의료기관 지정운영 시범사업 성과평가 및 지정규모 확충 방안 연구.
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