아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 효과평가 모형 개발 -1세부-

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아동치과주치의예방서비스시범사업 효과평가family dentistchildren’s oral healthpreventive dental carepolicy evaluation
The Ministry of Health and Welfare plans to adopt the National Health Insurance(NHI) pilot project of family dentists for children in order to improve children’s oral health status and sustainable oral health management. This study aims to develop an evaluation model to examine effect of the pilot project systematically and objectively prior to its
implementation. An evaluation model was proposed to assess effect of coverage expansion of preventive dental services in short term, and to improve oral health status and reduce gaps in oral health upon income level in mid and long term. In regards to input, the number of dental family and budget for the pilot project were evaluated. For activities, items to be assessed include the number of visits to family dentist, utilization of prevention service, and cost. In addition, quality assessment needs to take place focusing on family dentist registration maintenance rate, number of children per family dentist, continuity of care, patient’s experiences, etc. Short-term outcome needs to assess participation rate and co-payment per registered child, and mid and long-term outcome needs to assess change of awareness and behavior in oral health management, DMFT(Decayed, Missing or Filled Tooth) index, etc. In the future, it is important to evaluate the effect of the NHI pilot project of family dentists for children and to reflect the feedback in order to have sustainable development.
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Development of effect evaluation model for the National Health Insurance pilot project of family dentists program for Children
Table Of Contents
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제1장 서 론 ---------------------------------- 1
1. 연구 배경 ---------------------------------- 1
2. 연구 목적 ---------------------------------- 3
3. 연구 내용 및 방법 ---------------------------------- 4

제2장 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 운영체계 ---------------------------------- 7
1. 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 ---------------------------------- 7
2. 장애인 치과주치의 시범사업과의 차이 ---------------------------------- 12

제3장 정책 효과평가 모형과 사례 ---------------------------------- 13
1. 정책평가 모형 ---------------------------------- 13
2. 의료 질 평가 ---------------------------------- 25
3. 국내외 아동치과주치의 효과평가 사례 ---------------------------------- 28

제4장 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 효과평가 모형 개발 ---------------------------------- 33
1. 효과평가 방향 ---------------------------------- 33
2. 효과평가 지표체계 ---------------------------------- 34
3. 측정 대상 및 방법 설계 ---------------------------------- 49
4. 설문문항 ---------------------------------- 54

제5장 결론 및 제언 ---------------------------------- 69

참고문헌 ---------------------------------- 71
ABSTRACT ---------------------------------- 77
부 록 ---------------------------------- 79
최지숙 and 이근우. (202103). 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 효과평가 모형 개발 -1세부-.
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