아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 효과 평가 연구

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아동치과주치의주치의제도구강건강ChildDentistPilot projectsDental diseases
This study is a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot project, and it is a long-term study that starts from the current year and continues until the end of the pilot project. The specific purpose of the study is to design short-term, mid-term, and long-term studies according to each phase of the pilot project, select children participating in the pilot project (participant group) and children who do not participate (control group), and target oral health status (oral examination) for the selected children. and oral health level (knowledge, attitude, perception, behavior) were measured and the results were presented.
As a result, female students scored higher in oral health behavior, perception, attitude, and knowledge than male students, and in particular, in oral health behavior and perception, male and female students showed a statistically significant difference. There was no significant difference in oral health behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes according to grade level, but there was a statistically significant difference only in knowledge by grade level (4thgrade> 5thgrade>6thgrade). There was no statistically significant difference in the oral health behaviors, perceptions, and attitudes of the subjects in Gwangju and Sejong, the regions participating in the pilot project.
According to the results of this study, when conducting oral health education to adolescents, it is necessary to provide practical education that induces changes in attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions rather than simple knowledge transfer, and guidance for healthy oral care through repeated learning is necessary do.
Alternative Title
A study on the effectiveness evaluation of the health insurance pilot project for family dentists for children
Table Of Contents
요 약 ------------------------------- ⅰ

제1장 서 론 ------------------------------- 1
1. 연구 배경 ------------------------------- 1
2. 연구 목적 ------------------------------- 3
3. 연구 내용 및 방법 ------------------------------- 3

제2장 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 ------------------------------- 5
1. 아동청소년 치과주치의제도 도입 과정 ------------------------------- 5
2. 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 운영 ------------------------------- 7

제3장 아동의 구강건강 수준 이해 ------------------------------- 11
1. 구강건강에 관한 지식, 태도, 행동 ------------------------------- 11
2. 구강건강 상태 ------------------------------- 12
3. 구강건강 지식, 태도, 행동과 구강건강 상태의 관계 ------------------------------- 15

제4장 시범사업 효과 평가를 위한 단기·중장기 연구 설계 ------------------------------- 17
1. 효과 평가 이해 ------------------------------- 17
2. 아동치과주치의 시범사업 효과 평가 논리모형 ------------------------------- 19
3. 아동치과주치의 시범사업 효과 평가 지표 ------------------------------- 21
4. 시범사업 효과 평가를 위한 단기·중장기 연구 로드맵 ------------------------------- 26

제5장 시범사업 효과 평가를 위한 사전 구강건강 수준 조사 ------------------------------- 29
1. 조사 개요 ------------------------------- 29
2. 조사 대상 ------------------------------- 29
3. 조사 도구 ------------------------------- 30
4. 자료 수집 방법 ------------------------------- 33
5. 조사 결과 ------------------------------- 33
6. 시범사업의 참여군·대조군 비교 ------------------------------- 84

제6장 결론 및 제언 ------------------------------- 93

참고문헌 ------------------------------- 96
ABSTRACT ------------------------------- 99
부 록 ------------------------------- 103
강경림 et al. (202112). 아동치과주치의 건강보험 시범사업 효과 평가 연구.
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