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블록체인블록체인 기술HIRAHealth Insurance Review & AssessmentBlockchainBlock chainBlockchain technology
This study aims to identify and propose areas for application of blockchain technology on the work of the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service.
First of all, we reviewed the background of blockchain adoption, operating principles, technology concepts, and blockchain-related policies in major countries around the world, such as the United States, Estonia, and Switzerland. These countries are enacting various policies and laws to invigorate use of blockchain. In addition, we reviewed the
usecases of blockchain applications in the healthcare and public sector and categorized them into 5 types. 1) Distribution history management, 2) Safe management and sharing of data, 3) Simplified insurance claim submission using smart contract, 4) Distributed identification (DID) based on blockchain, and 5) COVID-19 related matters. We selected tasks for each type to which the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service can apply blockchain technology, and evaluated the appropriateness of the application in consideration of technological and commercial characteristics of the tasks. In conclusion, we proposed the application of the blockchain to 1) Blockchain-based drug wholesaler status management; 2) Blockchain-based medical information platform driven by individuals; and 3) Simplified service provision based on DID. We concluded that DID-based service activation would become readily available soon and is highly likely to be commercialized in the short term, and that blockchain-based medical information platform driven by individuals will have the highest potential of future value in the mid and long term. It is important to test the application of the technology based on test-beds such as PoC, and to pursue the direction in which existing problems, requirements, and efficiency are improved, rather than relying on expectation of innovative results through the application of blockchain.
Alternative Title
A basic study on usecase and application of blockchain technology in public healthcare sector
Table Of Contents
요 약 ·············································································································· ⅰ

제1장 서론 ······································································································· 1
1. 연구 배경 ········································································ 1
2. 연구 목적 ········································································ 3
3. 연구 내용 및 방법 ········································································ 3

제2장 블록체인 개념과 특성 ············································································ 5
1. 블록체인 개념 ········································································ 5
2. 블록체인 특성 ········································································ 12
3. 블록체인 구성요소 ········································································ 15

제3장 국내·외 블록체인 동향 ········································································ 25
1. 국내·외 블록체인 정책 동향 ········································································ 25
2. 보건의료분야 블록체인 적용 사례 ········································································ 38

제4장 심평원의 블록체인 적용 업무(안) ························································ 57
1. 블록체인 적용 가능성 검토 ········································································ 57
2. 심평원 업무 블록체인 적용(안) ········································································ 58
3. 블록체인 적용(안)의 적절성 평가 ········································································ 71

제5장 결론 및 고찰 ······················································································· 82
1. 결론 ········································································ 82
2. 제한점 및 향후 과제 ········································································ 84

참고문헌 ········································································································· 87
ABSTRACT ··································································································· 95
부 록 ············································································································ 97
이은지 and 주진한. (202012). 블록체인 적용 사례 및 활용을 위한 기초연구.
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